Pard NV008S Night Vision Rifle Scope

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Pard NV008S Night Vision Rifle Scope

NEW Model

This is the OFFICIAL UK Version authorised for UK retail. 

Details are subject to change / Images are subject to change.

Official Pard UK Retail units have the visible laser ( red dot ) disabled. As per UK Trading Standards.

We do recommend a separate external charger for the 18650 Li-ion battery. This will give longer battery life and improved run time.

This is the NON Laser Range Finder Version.


1.Ballistic Calculation 

Ballistic Calculation technology firstly used with PARD is a great innovation and breakthrough. The bullet’s travel can be precisely calculated, and accurate shooting will be easily achieved. 

2. Sensitivity of Camera up to 0.001lux 

Extremely low 0.001lux is able to record in extremely dark conditions. More opportunities to catch the footage of targets.

3. Self-activated Recording

Just Switch on Self-activated Recording, the full shooting process will intelligently be auto-recorded and saved in TF card. Never miss a moment!

4. “PARD VLEA” -- PARD Self-developed Imaging Engine Module

PARD R&D team self-developed an Imaging Engine Module that provides an enhanced visual image. Quality improved by more than 20% compared with NV008P.

5. "PARD 2K" Self-developed Sensor, resolution: 1920x1080


  • Digital scope
  • Mount
  • Type C data line
  • 18650 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
  • Manual
  • Warranty card

We only ship this item to England, Scotland, Wales and NI ( NI will not have the battery included ) 

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