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  • Sale -£80.00 Saber Tactical FX Impact MK2 Double Bottle Adapter Saber Tactical FX Impact MK2 Double Bottle Adapter

    Saber Tactical Saber Tactical FX Impact MK2 Double Bottle Adapter

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    Saber Tactical FX Impact MK2 Double Bottle Adapter (NOT M3) This version requires the removal at your risk of the fitted connector on the Impact. This is the MK2 curved or "V" shape double bottle adapter. SPECIAL OFFER - END OF LINE - LAST STOCK This now allows you to add 2 bottles if you are using an extended Picatinny or Arca rail system on your Impact, it also makes the rifle balance better then the original. This is for the bracket only, you need to have your own bottles.  NOT compatible with the M3 Impact. This is NOT the M3 version You will need to remove the bottle connector on the rifle to fit this adapter. We are not responsible for any damage, harm incurred to you or your rifle when fitting this adapter. CAUTION - This is a home install product. You are working with high pressure air, so always be safe. We do not offer home fitting. 

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  • Sale -£15.00 B-GRADE 3-9x50E - Mil Dot Dynamic Zoom Airgun Scope - Illuminated B-GRADE 3-9x50E - Mil Dot Dynamic Zoom Airgun Scope - Illuminated

    Richter Optik B-GRADE 3-9x50E - Mil Dot Dynamic Zoom Airgun Scope - Illuminated

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    Damage Info:Small cosmetic marks on scope from transport Sold as B Grade - No Returns Ideal as a basic hunting / target scope. Weight: 528grams Length: 330mm Reticle: Red Illuminated Mil Dot Reticle. PX Adjustment: PX Preset to 100 metres. Minimum Focus (On Full Magnification): approx. 15 metres. Lens Covers Supplied: Flip Up Lens Covers. Turrets: Coin type turrets under caps. Battery (Included): CR2032 3v lithium button cell Mounts are NOT supplied Richter Scopes offer top quality optics at extremely reasonable prices. Clear, crisp imagery and strong build quality does not need to cost the earth. Richter Scopes are made in China by a specialist optical and electrical manufacturer, using the latest and most advanced CNC equipment available. The factory strives for excellence through continuous product research and development, adopting advanced optics technologies and offering a professional service.   These items have arrived to us from suppliers and have unfortunately been damaged in shipping. Rather than return them we negotiate a reduced cost which we pass direct onto the customer. All items are sold damaged and have no warranty on them.Item damage details are listed and most damage is cosmetic / packaging and should not affect function, (pellets will vary in damage). We only retail if the product is still functional. These are one-off items and when sold, they are gone!

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  • Sale -£100.00 Pard DS35 70 Night Vision Rifle Scope Non LRF Pard DS35 70 Night Vision Rifle Scope Non LRF buttons

    Pard Night Vision Pard DS35 70 Night Vision Rifle Scope 5.6-11.2x 850nm - NON LRF

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    Pard DS35 70 Night Vision Rifle Scope 5.6-11.2x 850nm LAST ONE IN STOCK GRAB A BARGAIN The Pard DS35 70RF has a new regular tube style design, a new traditional circular display showcases an upgraded GUI and allows for reticule centralisation. Multi colour palettes, horizontal 18650 battery mounting, included 30mm mounts, recoil activated recording and host of other enhancements make the DS35 a multi functional, all in one device. We are an OFFICIAL Pard stockist and we are excited to bring the latest in Nightvision scopes to you. The videos below have been produced by our team....so we know this product, tested by us. THIS IS THE NON LRF VERSION  No Ballistic system onboard. Please be aware, the menu shows the ballistic option, the reticle will show a ballistic reading of zero. So to be clear, the menu option shows but nothing is calculated. The first thing that users will notice is that the DS35 now takes the form of a traditional rifle scope. Core to the new form factor is a world first for NV Scopes, an 800x800px round display. The unique LTPS unit delivers high-clarity images with rich contrast and an extra-wide field of view for enhanced situational awareness. This perfectly formed screen fits neatly in the DS35s eye piece, for an experience close to using a traditional glass day scope. Other advantages include a 70mm objective, 5.6-11.2x magnification range and a 30mm Aluminium alloy body that enables the use of both traditional scope rings and rifle specific mounting systems. At the heart of the DS35 is a state-of-the-art CMOS 0.001 Lux 2K imaging sensor, which when coupled with the units directional 850nm IR can see user push their night shooting out to 350m and beyond. Clarity is further enhanced by Pards custom developed VLEA imaging engine. This clever software upgrade helps the DS boost clarity by over 20% when compared to the older NV008p models. Whilst clarity and handling are two of the 35s most obvious features, they are not the only enhancements shooters can expect. The new kid on the block features a more intuitive one shot zero, where the image shifts to compensate for elevation and windage adjustments. Like other Pard models the DS35 is a great choice for both day and night use, with full colour image modes available until the darkest parts of the night, at which point users can switch colour pallets for optimal image recognition when they can make use of the units powerful built-in IR. In addition to improved tech, the DS35 retains all the popular features of the previous models including Wifi Connectivity, self-activated recording and a fully waterproof construction. Key features 800*800 Circular LTPS display 1920x1080 / 2560x1440 , the first in the world Image shift zero Ballistic calculator - DOES NOT FUNCTION Patented focus-free lens cap Long eye-relief display system (LEDS) 350m Adjustable IR fifill light Self-activated recording Completely new UI 4 Image modes (color, black and white, green and yellow) Multi-functional control knob WiFi IP67 Waterproof 6000J Recoil resistance This video demonstrates the unit - it shows the LRF Laser Range Finder and Ballistic system, this model on this page does not have that system on board. Model DS35 NON LRF Sensor Resolution(px) 2560*1440 Pixel size(um) 2.9 Sensitivity(lux) 0.001 Frame rate(fps) 30 Image engine PARD VLEA Optics Objective lens 50mm F2.4/70mm F2.4 Optical magnification(x) 4/5.6 Digital zoom(x) 2 Field of view (HxV) Horizontal 4.873.4 Field of view (HxV) Vertical 4.873.4 Field of view (HxV) Diagonal 6.874.8 Foclkranpp 5m-oo Eye relief(mm) 100 Exit pupil(mm) 10 IR Illuminator IR type VCSEL IR power(W) 5 IR illuminating level 3 levels IR distance(m) 350 IR wavelength(nm) 850/940 Display Type IPS LCD Resol ution(px) 800*800 Reticle style 6 Reticle color white/yellow/green Color mode Color/Mono BW/Mono Green/Mono Yellow Photo/Video Photo resolution(px) 2560*1440 Photo format JPG Video resolution(px) 1920*1080 Video format MP4 Storage TF card(128GB) Main Function LRF detection range NA Power Supply Battery type Lithium Ion 18650 Output voltage(V) 3,7 Operating time(h,max) 8 External power supply(V) USB Type-C Environmental Characteristic Degree of protection IP67 Operating temp(C/F) -20oC-50C-5F-120oF Recoil power(J) 6000 Material Housing Aluminium Alloy Measurement Product dimension 350*88*95(w/o long eyepiece) (Lx Wx H, mm) 410*88*95(w/ long eyepiece) N.W/pcs 680(w/o battery) (with/without battery, g) 725(w/ battery) This is the UK British Standards approved version - please be aware early release promotions showing NON UK British Standard versions are NOT the official versions from the official importers. We do not ship this outside of England, Scotland and Wales. 

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  • B GRADE - Saber Tactical - FX Impact Top Rail Support (TRS) - Standard Length B GRADE - Saber Tactical - FX Impact Top Rail Support (TRS) - Standard Length

    Saber Tactical B GRADE - Saber Tactical - FX Impact Top Rail Support (TRS) - Standard Length

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    Saber Tactical - Top Rail Support (TRS) - Standard Length - FX Impact Airgun101 is proud to offer some of the ultimate accessories for FX Airguns. THIS A UNIT THAT HAS BEEN FITTED TO A RIFLE FOR DEMO. LOOKS LIKE NEW, BOX IS A BIT DAMAGED...BUT HAS FITTING MARKS IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY....BUT ITS KIND OF LIKE NEW...A BARGAIN. NO RETURNS AS ITS SOLD AS B GRADE. THIS FITS FX IMPACTS MK1 / MK2 / M3 The delrin barrel support will not work with early MK1 extendable shrouds and the new barrel tension system. This new rail changes an already great looking tactical gun into a jaw dropping beast! More importantly, it opens up the possibilities with the latest airgun trends. Features: Integrated bubble level in the rear allowing you to quickly check to make sure your gun is level. A must have for long range shooting. M-Lok slots allowing you to attach varied accessories such as; flashlight, laser and weights. It has a built in 20 MOA, giving your scope more elevation for long range shooting. A Delrin shroud clamp to prevent shroud drooping. It minimizes or eliminates any point of impact changes when switching suppressors. Available in standard and compact sizes with black anodize.  PRODUCT UPDATE 20TH JULY 2022 The Standard length rail has been reduced by .25inch or .635cm - to help with the fitting of the shroud on a 600mm config. Most will not notice any difference. 45.5cm Long 432g weight 40cm actual rail 31.5cm rail in front of middle screw ( helps to know how much rail sticks out at the front) Compact Length can be found HERE Please watch the video to help choosing and the install process.   This is an aftermarket accessory designed for home fitting. We do not provide any fitting service. Airgun 101 Shop is in no way liable for any damage / harm / injury to any person or item when fitting this product.

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  • Sale -£45.00 B GRADE - Eagle Vision Pard NV008S / Sytong Mount - Windage + Elevation Adjustable B GRADE - Eagle Vision Pard NV008S / Sytong Mount - Windage + Elevation Adjustable

    Eagle Vision B GRADE - Eagle Vision Pard NV008S / Sytong Mount - Windage + Elevation Adjustable

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    B GRADE - Eagle Vision Pard NV008S / Sytong Mount - Windage + Elevation Adjustable THIS HAS BEEN USED FOR A DEMONSTRATION AND HAS A COUPLE OF COSMETIC MARKS - SOLD AS B GRADE NO RETURNS Eaglevision have designed and developed an amazing new Picatinny mount.We are very proud of this product as it’s development resolves some issues for shooters, who depend on the reliability of a solid mount. Main benefits of using this mount: 1. NV scope: It can be directly fitted to the SYTONG vision scope - no need for Sytong Mount. It can be directly fitted to the PARD 008S vision scope - no need for Pard Mount 2. Adjustability:FULLY ADJUSTABLE, FORWARD or BACKWARD , ELEVATION, WINDAGE, EYE RELIEF AND HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT, that allows the scope to move vertically and horizontally along a guided path, and lockable in different positions, using 3x or 4x or 5x screws on the side of this mount. 3. longer range shooting:long range before running out of adjustment on the turretsis the ability for users who need to reach out further but are restricted by their current mounting system.By keeping the front mount at it’s lowest and elevating the rear mount to the highest point you can zero in your gun far beyond, without using the clicks on your turrets, hence keeping the optical centre of your scope intact. 4. Multiple rifles:This system can be used to install scope mounts for the owner’s of multiple rifles who require to use one scope for all of their rigs by installing one Infinity mount to each rifle.They can zero then just swap the scope between them, with little need for turret click adjustment. 6. Durability:This product is robust enough to be installed on heavy recoil rifles, up to .308 caliber. Technical information for the new ‘INFINITY’ mount: Length: 170mmProfile height from bottom of the mount to middle of the top picatinny rail, 21mm.Total height: 30.30mmAdjustable Height: 4.5mmWeight: 225 grams Product includes: 1x Infinity picatinny mount3 x Allen keys, (two different sizes)2 x side screws1x m5 spring screws1x Waterproof case6x aluminium washers M6 to M5 adapter use for Sytong6x  read stainless steel M6 washers M6 spacer use for pard 008S Please note:The washers must be placed between the screws and the mount.The washers are flat and once they start being tightened their shape adjusts to the countersunk holes. Washer Fitting Guide is HERE Torque calculation:Adjustable side screws maximum torque,53-71 inch-pound force to 6-8 NM Newton Meters.Picatinny nuts maximum torque,53-71 inch-pound force to 6-8 NM Newton Meters. This video is for the earlier version - but the basic setup still applies. Just additional use of the washers with the Pard Screws. Mini Version is now available - click here. Use the separate windage and elevation screw to fine tune the mount. Picatinny Mounting ( purchase optional extra Pic to Dovetail adapter )  Bubble Mount NOT included - Can be purchased separately 

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  • Sale -£45.01 B GRADE - FX Airguns Harmonic Adjustable Barrel Tuner Shroud 500mm STD Impact Sub 12 Ft Lbs

    FX Airguns B GRADE - FX Airguns Harmonic Adjustable Barrel Tuner Shroud 500mm STD Impact Sub 12 Ft Lbs

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     B GRADE - FX Harmonic Adjustable Barrel Tuner Shroud 500mm STD Impact M3 Sub 12 Ft Lbs THIS HAS BEEN USED IN DEMONSTRATIONS - A FEW MARKS AROUND THE TUNER END BUT OTHERWISE IN GREAT CONDITION. NO RETURNS For the Standard Impact M3 Sub 12 with an overall barrel length of 500MM This will NOT fit the Maverick / Compact versions of Maverick Or Impact The one accessory that will have the biggest impact on the air gunning industry is the new FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner. This integrated shroud system offers new features that will change your tuning process and give you a level of precision control never before available to an airgun. The FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner offers both dampening and tuning features that will have you obtaining new heights of accuracy from your FX Airgun. FX Airguns teamed up with Chris Turek of Up North Air gunner to bring this exciting technology to an FX Airgun. The science behind barrel harmonics and internal ballistics has been debated and analysed for years. Though there are still unknowns, what is known is that barrel harmonics exist in all guns from a .177 break barrel airgun all the way up to a .50 cal Barret. These barrel harmonics are observable and are now adjustable for repeatability. This is the art of barrel tuning. The shroud of the Harmonic Barrel Tuner first works to dampen the barrel, making the harmonic signature of the barrel quieter, more subdued, and controllable. This, when combined with the new FX Carbon Fiber Liner Sleeve ( not included ) , also stiffen the barrel system which further lowers the barrel’s harmonic amplitude (or whip) throughout the entire shot cycle. Both of these factors combined create tighter shot groups, but are only part of the overall barrel tuning that the FX system brings. The finishing touch is found in the integrated rotating running weight located on the end of the shroud. Made from a specifically selected metallic alloy, this allows the running weight to have enough mass to affect the weight distribution of the overall barrel system. Shooters will find that even the smallest amount of rotating adjustment of the tuner weight by only a few thousands of an inch can change how your gun shoots groups, especially when shooting medium to long range distances. The beauty and genius of the FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner is realized with the single variable testing and tuning found both with the shroud system and internally with the new FX Impact M3. This intersection of beauty (form) and precision (function) will change the sport of precision airguns to the next level. This is a home install item. You will need to remove the existing shroud to install this item in place. We do not offer any install service. Any damage to your rifle, or any injury to any person through using or installing this product is not the responsibility of Airgun 101 Shop or its parent company. Safety first when working on any rifle, ensure the gun is safe before starting any form of work.

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  • Sale -£17.00 B Grade - Richter Optik 4x32 Compact AOE Scope B Grade - Richter Optik 4x32 Compact AOE Scope

    Richter Optik B Grade - Richter Optik 4x32 Compact AOE Scope

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    B Grade - Richter Optik 4x32 Compact AOE Scope GOT SOME COSMETIC MARKS ON THE SCOPE. SOLD AS BE GRADE NO RETURNS. Small, compact scope, ideal as a basic hunting scope for a smaller rifle or when something light weight is needed. Front Parallax - On front Bell 5Y to Infinity Screw Caps for turrets Front Eye Focus Wheel Plastic pop up cover caps included 25mm Tube 360g Weight 21.5cm Length This is a basic starter scope - but incredibly useful for close fast fire requirements.    

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