Buying From European Websites - A Warning!!!!

Buying From European Websites - A Warning!!!!

, by Giles Barry, 1 min reading time

Buying From European Websites Into the UK.

A Warning!!!!

In the past few weeks we have had feedback from customers over purchases from European Airgun / Shooting retailers.

It seems people in the UK are getting confused, thinking they are getting a bargain (when buying into the UK from the EU) are NOT.

If you see a price from a European retailer, be aware it should not include VAT. Thus when the courier arrives at the door, with your BARGAIN you will have to hand over 20% of the purchase price, plus any charges levied by the courier to bring you the parcel. 

So lets be clear, its NOT A BARGAIN.

Plus if anything goes wrong with it, you pay to send it back as UK shops will not touch it.

We are up to our 4th customer this week telling us they got stung at the door and wished they had bought in the UK. Also, we have had to tell a customer NO when the European retailer refused to repair an item and they tried to push it to us. 

So lets be clear - by it from the EU - we aint touching it - buy it from the EU you may pay more at the door than the UK ain't a bargain.


Director / 101

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