FX Airguns - 4 Stage Stirrup Pump 500MM Hose 1/8 Thread

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FX Airguns - 4 Stage Stirrup Pump 500MM Hose 1/8 Thread

The new turbopump is equipped with a patented 4 stage system. It has a unique gearing system that gives you the opportunity to gear down when it gets rough.

It allows the user to choose if they want high volume (300 cc) with lower pressure. Or low volume (200 cc) with higher pressure.

Features:Pressure gauge, moisture trap, particle filter (replaceable), and bleed valve. Unique gearing system.
Connections:Kevlar hose 0,5 m with 1/8 thread.

Dimensions:Height 640mm (extracted 1090mm), Width: 205mm, Depth: 130mm.

Weight:Approximately 2kg.

You will need to fit your filling adapter onto the end, we suggest a small amount of thread seal tape and a pair of spanners to do this.

Does not come with the fill probe pictured.

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