Dove / Pigeon Kill Zone 2 Point Target - GR8Fun

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Dove/Pigeon Kill Zone 2 Point Target - GR8Fun

This is a steel target, with 2 kill zones. Simple - shoot one zone to reset the other, no strings required. Kill zone is either a heart/lung or head shot.

Powder coated in black with yellow strike plates, easy to see.

These are metal parts, powder coated and thus will gain some marks during shipping and they ain't been painted by Picasso, they look good and work well. Designed to be shot at so you will need to repaint as you shoot the paint off.

Sits on a metal plate approx 15cm deep, a big double T shape plate.

Designed for Sub 12 FT LB Airguns

3.5mm Metal Plate

Some home assembly / couple of bolts required.

27cm approx diagonal width

15cm approx wide

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