Daisy Red Ryder BB Rifle 4.5mm .177 - Sub 12 ft Lb

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Daisy Red Ryder BB Rifle 4.5mm .177

Sub 12 ft Lb

Quite possibly one of the most well known BB guns in the world. Loved by Juniors and Adults. Ideal for tin can plinking in the garden.
4.5mm BB 
Holds hundreds of BB's inside
.177 Cal
Approx 300 FPS - estimated.

    Collection will require photo identification showing that you are over 18 years old. If you will not / cannot supply that we will not sell you the airgun.

    AT this time we DO NOT ship to other RFD's or deliver to home. We prefer to see you face to face when selling an airgun at this time. 
    We DO NOT retail this item outside of the store in the UK.
    If you attempt to circumnavigate the in store collection policy we will refuse your custom.
    If you purchase and REFUSE to collect from store, we will deduct any merchant charges that have been applied to us.
    We do not currently accept part exchanges.

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