ZB_Lite Pro - Adjustable Picatinny Mount - PARD NV 008 - Camiszon

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 ZB Lite Pro - Adjustable Picatinny Mount - Ideal for PARD NV 008 - Camiszon

The zeroing block ZB Lite Pro is a universal mounting base that allows you to mount a variety of accessories to a gun weaver base, and allows you to change the elevation and windage to zero it


* ZB Lite Pro can be used with conventional as well as with digital, Night Vision, Thermal Rifle Scopes, Red Dots and other devices that need to be mounted to a rifle.
* It can be used forward or reversed to accommodate extra eye relief of specific scopes without reach forward mounts.
* It is for recoilless or low recoil rifles.

Giles Opinion - This is a handy mount for you Night Vision users. The finish is OK, but could be better, anodising is not perfect all round. However thats cosmetic.


Max weight to mount:

(recoiless) : 800 gr

(recoil up to 300G) : 200 gr

Click Value Elevation : 1/4 MOA

Click Value Windage : 1/4 MOA

Max Adjustment Elevation: 90 MOA

Max Adjustment Windage : 60 MOA

Weight :200 gr

Dimensions :145x65x27mm

Top weaver rail length : 90 mm

Locking jaws span : 54 mm

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