Barrel Length Vs FPS Vs Power Block Impact M3


I tested the M3 FAC ( High Power ) Impact. I wanted to see what the increase in barrel length, probe and port and addition of the new Power Block actually does to the power of the Impact M3. Using two rifles in .22, with matching settings I changed from 500 to 600 to 700mm barrels and changed from the pellet port to slug port and pellet probe to slug probe. Does all this stuff make the rifle any more really - or are the conspiracy theorists right - the manufacturers are just taking your money.   

FX Impact M3 - NON Power Block Overall Results


FX Impact M3 - Power Block Overall Results

Power Block Vs Non Power Block - Changing Probe and Port


Power Block Average Vs Non Power Block Average


Barrel Length Increase - Power Block Vs Non Power Block


Overall Increase - Power Block Vs Non Power Block