Saber Tactical FX Impact M3 MK2 MK1 Screw On Double Bottle Adapter

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Saber Tactical FX Impact M3 MK2 MK1 Screw On Double Bottle Adapter

This is the NEW version for 2022 - fully M3 compatible.

This is the NEW version of the double bottle adapter from Saber Tactical. Now you can put two bottles on your Impact with the need to remove the original bottle valve from the gun.

Simply place the new adapter over the bottle valve on the gun and screw the bolt down over the top with a 14mm spanner. Little bit of silicone lube on the big O ring ( lube not included ) and them attach your two bottles. It works with the new M3 bottles and original bottles, no need to change the valves in the bottle.

Works with larger gauges.

Please see the video from Saber Tactical.

Important - The adapter does not have a valve within it, so when attaching a bottle or removing, both bottles must be turned in unison, otherwise air will leak from the attached bottle. So basically remove or add the bottles at the same time, or air will come out.

This is a home install product, and it uses high pressure air - caution always be safe. Airgun 101 Shop is NOT liable in any way for any harm or injury to any person or belonging when using, installing or maintaining this product.



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