Field Pro FX Impact - Magazine - Speed Loader - .22 High Capacity

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Field Pro - FX Impact Magazine Speed Loader - .22 - High Capacity Magazine

These are designed by Norm from 68 Whiskey fame on Airgun101 and YouTube.

Pre Load and then Speed load your FX magazine in seconds.

Made at home by Norm, so everyone has his approval, the 3D printed speed loaders with simple screw tops enable you to Pre Load a whole magazine for your trip out.

No more fumbling pellets with cold over over excited fingers.

Simply unscrew the top of the Speed Loader then drop the pellets in reverse - other way up than when you load straight to the magazine, pre store the top pellet for the rotation on the FX magazine, then screw top back down.

When your FX mag is empty, remove the top as usual, remove the top of the speed loader, rotate the FX mag, use the single pellet from the speed loader to retain the spin on the FX magazine, then line the FX magazine ontop of the speed loader and tip over, the pellets

from the speed loader are now loaded into the FX Magazine, put the top back on, load and shoot....simple, takes seconds.

These are home made, by Norm, 3D printed. Everyone made by Norm himself.

Cheap KNOCK OFFS are on the market using Norms design, purchasing from them will prevent future developements in the airgun world.

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