FX Buddy Bottle Valve Replacement O-Rings

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FX Buddy Bottle Valve Replacement


FX Buddy Bottle Valve Replacement Sealing O-Rings

Suits BEST Fittings and OEM FX Valves.

These O-Rings are to replace the ones found inside the recess in the Buddy Bottle Valve where it screws onto the action and seals the air once the valve is opened.

If you can hear air escaping from around the valve when the Buddy Bottle or Air Reservoir is screwed on, then it is likely to be this o-ring that needs replacing.

This is for the O Ring, the bottle or valve is NOT included.

CAUTION - You are working with high pressure air, always be safe. Airgun 101 Shop is not responsible for any injury / damage to any person, third party or item when using this part. 

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