FX Airguns Angled Manometer Bracket Impact M3

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FX Airguns Angled Manometer Bracket Impact M3

For Sub 12ft Lbs and FAC / High Power M3 Impacts Only

The FX Impact M3 has extra expansion holes on the right hand side just above the grip, these are to add the much requested quick view option of the regulator pressure for the rear regulator via a side mounted gauge.

This kit is the bracket and O ring parts only. FX Official Kit.

It does NOT include any gauges or tools for the install.

Please watch the video below from Airbuks that provides simple instructions on how to add the bracket.

Remember - safety first - and you are working with high pressure air so caution.

When the video shows the rifle being cleared of air via adjustment of the regulator, you can dry fire the rifle a few times to bleed the system. Always check the rifle is not loaded in any way before dry firing.

The rear underside regulator gauge should unscrew by hand with no air in the system. Then simply screw in the supplied blocking screw and use the rear gauge on the newly installed bracket. The gauges will not always line up horizontal this is a trial and error part of the install.

Gauges may also require a bit more that finger tight to make the seal.

Always use caution and select the correct tool so no damage is caused to any gauges.

Basically what we are saying is - if you mess up your rifle or any parts when installing this, its down the customer - we are not responsible. But it is easy to fit.

Any lost or damaged O rings during install will NOT be replaced by Airgun 101 Shop - the kits are checked before despatch and we do not carry spares.
This is a HOME INSTALL kit. Airgun 101 Shop is in NO WAY responsible for ANY damage to your rifle, any property or any person - either when installing or using this product in the future.
A basic level of understanding is required. 


This is a home install item. We do not offer any install service.
Any damage to your rifle, or any injury to any person through using or installing this product is not the responsibility of Airgun 101 Shop or its parent company.
Safety first when working on any rifle, ensure the gun is safe before starting any form of work.

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