Eagle Vision Infinity Elevation Ajustable Scope Mount 30mm Ring Picatinny IPS-30

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Eagle Vision Infinity Elevation Ajustable Scope Mount 30mm Ring Picatinny IPS-30

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This well-designed scope mount allows vertical movement along a guided path, and can be adjusted for low profile, and also for high profile settings. The INFINITY mounts are also lockable in different positions using two screws.

INFINITY mounts are ideal for long range shooting and are extensively used for larger objective scopes, increasing space between your scope, barrel or shroud and enabling you to zero in your gun far beyond standard mounts.

The design of the mount keeps the front mount lower and elevates the rear mount to a higher position. This in turn, is helpful for long-range shooters who find standard scope mount clicks on their turrets self running and unadjusted.

Exceptionally well presented in the case and finished to a very high quality.


Height: 68.25 mm to 77.75 mm (adjustable)

Profile Height: 23 mm

Adjustable Height: 9.5 mm

Weight: 81 g each

Centre of thring to the bottom of the rail: 41 mm (in closed position)

Centre of the ring to the bottom of the rail: 51.5 mm (in open position)

Ring size: 30 mm

Rail size: 22 mm picatinny

2 x Alan Keys included

Does not include bubble level accessory 

Do not remove the elevation screws unless the mount is fully raised / in the high / open elevation position or you will damage the mount.

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