108 MOA One Piece Elevation Adjustable forward/Backward Picatinny 125

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108 MOA One Piece Elevation Adjustable forward/Backward Picatinny 125

We have designed and developed an amazing new Picatinny mount.
We are very proud of this product as its development resolves some issues for shooters, who depend on the reliability of a solid mount.

This is the shorter version of the Original Pard Mount. 12.5cm Top Rail.

Main benefits of using this mount:

1. NV scope:
It can be directly fitted to the Pard 008 008P 008LRF ( will not fit NV008S )

2. Adjustability:
FULLY ADJUSTABLE, FORWARD or BACKWARD , ELEVATION, WINDAGE, EYE RELIEF AND HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT, that allows the scope to move vertically and horizontally along a guided path, and lockable in different positions, using 3x or 4x or 5x screws on the side of this mount.

3. Combined with a Scope cam:
This mount allows users to adjust their scope forward, backwards, or adjust it vertically to align the scope with their eye relief or eye level.
Users wishing to use their scope camera and record a session while shouldering their rifle, but the screen needs to be further to their eyes, or, for some applications they might require the camera to be closer to the eyes, such as pard/ Nightvision scopes etc.

4. Longer range shooting:
long range before running out of adjustment on the turrets
is the ability for users who need to reach out further but are restricted by their current mounting system.
By keeping the front mount at it’s lowest and elevating the rear mount to the highest point you can zero in your gun far beyond, without using the clicks on your turrets, hence keeping the optical centre of your scope intact.

5. Multiple rifles:
This system can be used to install scope mounts for the owner’s of multiple rifles who require to use one scope for all of their rigs by installing one Infinity mount to each rifle.
They can zero then just swap the scope between them, with little need for turret click adjustment.

6. Durability:
This product is robust enough to be installed on heavy recoil rifles, up to .308 caliber.

Technical information for the new ‘INFINITY’ mount:

Length: Top Rail 12.5cm / Bottom Piece 12.5cm / Rail Section 8cm
Profile height from bottom of the mount to middle of the top picatinny rail, 21mm.
Total height: 30.30mm
Adjustable Height: 4.5mm
Weight: 175 grams

Product includes:

1x Infinity picatinny mount
3 x Allen keys, (two different sizes)
5 x side screws
1x m5 spring screw
4x pard 008 attachment screws
1x Waterproof case

Torque calculation:
Adjustable side screws maximum torque,
53-71 inch-pound force to 6-8 NM Newton Meters.
Picatinny nuts maximum torque,
53-71 inch-pound force to 6-8 NM Newton Meters.

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