VFG Weaponcare No.1 Cleaning Pellets .22cal


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VFG Weaponcare No.1

Cleaning Pellets .22cal

80 in pack – solid core.

These are the GENUINE VFG Weaponcare cleaning pellets, as reviewed in Airgun Shooting magazine, link below.

Only accept the Genuine Quality Cleaning Pellets.

It is a hot topic - how clean do you need your barrel to be. Best answer is, when you feel accuracy has dropped off or you have never cleaned your barrel, just try and see if it makes an improvement to the accuracy of the rifle. With any new rifle it is always advised to clean the barrel first, and then zero. Spring / Gas Ram rifles are very likely to need cleaning due to the grime that can be projected forward by the spring / piston. PCP airguns do use air and pellets are not always the cleanest, so barrel cleaning can be vital.

Top Tip - after shooting 50 shots, look at your fingers, the same dirt from the pellets that’s on your fingers just went down your barrel.

Many different ways of using the cleaning pellets. (These are advisory):

  • Possible Way No 1 - Drop a small amount of gun oil onto a Cleaning Pellet and push through with a rod.
  • Possible Way No 2 - Insert Cleaning Pellet followed by a Lead Pellet and shoot.
  • Possible Way No 3 - Insert a Lead Pellet, then a Cleaning Pellet, then another Pellet (making a sandwich) - check your rifle can do this first
  • Possible Way No 4 - Small drop of gun oil onto the Cleaning Pellet and then fire
  • Possible Way No 5 - Insert dry Cleaning Pellet and shoot


Airgun Shooting Expert Review

It is advised to remove any moderator / silencer when possible
Always shoot into something safe or downrange
A cleaning pellet may still cause damage or injury.
Airgun 101 is in no way liable for any damage / injury caused using this product.

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