Saber Tactical - Monopod - Bench Version

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Saber Tactical - Monopod - Bench Version

Airgun 101 is proud to offer some of the ultimate accessories for FX Airguns.

Saber Tactical releases the long waited Monopod for its existing Buttstock. We have the following details - while we wait for delivery.

  • Attaches easily to the Saber Tactical Buttstock - NOT Included
  • Precision lead screw allows for quick and accurate adjustments. It is very smooth and precise. 
  • No need to loosen any knobs before making adjustments. 
  • Mono-pods attach to adapter by very strong magnets. Very easy to detach and attach to the gun. 
  • Bench (heavy duty with horizontal and vertical adjustments)

It comes in 2 versions, the Bench ( this version  ) which has a custom plate at the bottom of the leg to enabling dialing left and right, along with up and down on the main leg to give a full range of adjustment.  Then there is the Field, ( not this version ) which adjusts only up and down.

You must have the Saber Tactical Buttstock already installed, that is not included and yes the chassis Buttstocks look like they accept the Monopod.

This is an aftermarket accessory designed for home fitting. We do not provide any fitting service. Airgun101 Shop is in no way liable for any damage / harm / injury to any person or item when fitting this product.

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