Saber Tactical - FX Impact Adjustable Buttstock

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Saber Tactical - FX Impact Adjustable Buttstock

Airgun 101 is proud to offer some of the ultimate accessories for FX Airguns.

The Saber Tactical Adjustable Buttstock is one of the most sought after accessories for the FX Impact. Now, more adjustment on that shoulder pad, making the rifle even more comfortable to shoot – giving small adjustments and large, making the rifle mould to your shoulder helping with all elements of shooting – bench / off hand / speed challenges and quick shots required in the field.

  • Built from the highest quality durable materials.
  • 5-Position Length of pull adjustment.
  • 5-Position Angle adjustment.
  • Height adjustment.
  • Weight 298g
  • Fits MK1, MK2 and M3 Impacts + FX Maverick

The engineers at Saber Tactical definitely listened to the end users and incorporated everything into this design. The design went through many phases and what we found out was that one design may be great for a certain style of shooting but not others. We didn't want you to have to buy multiple buttstocks so we made this one for bench shooters and also hunters. One of our priorities was to make it easy to attach to the gun and make adjustments without tools. You'll be amaze how easy it is to adjust the buttstock up and down. Forward and back as well as the angle of the shoulder rest. The silicone padding makes it one of the the most comfortable buttstock on the market. A mono-pod attachment is in the works and will be optional attachment in the near future.

Easy to fit, just follow the video instructions:

This is an aftermarket accessory designed for home fitting. We do not provide any fitting service. Airgun101 Shop is in no way liable for any damage / harm / injury to any person or item when fitting this product.

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