Predator Polymag Shorts .177 - 200 Tin

JSBSKU: P00019

Calibre: .177
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Predator Polymag Shorts .177 - 200 Tin

JSB Predator Polymag Shorts .177 4.50mm - Tin of 200.

Designed for magazine use - can be single loaded also.

These are polymer tipped lead pellets and are a favourite for pest controllers, you get JSB accuracy with that extra pointy tip.

Calibre: .177 Head Size = 4.50

Quantity Supplied: 200

Weight: 8.02 Grains

    We always pack to the best of our ability the pellets when shipping.

    18+ Restricted. UK Law - You MUST be over 18 years old to purchase - if you purchase you are legally declaring you are over 18 years old. Full Checkout Terms and Explanation of this can be found HERE

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