JSB Knock Out Slugs .177 - 4.51mm - 10.03g

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JSB Knock Out Slugs .177 - 4.51mm - 10.03g

These are designed to work primarily in High Power Airguns, ( FAC in the UK ).

In some Sub 12 rifles they may shoot - THAT IS YOUR CHOICE TO TRY.


FAC is the preferred method. Most shooters recommend a 600mm or 700mm barrel and +900fps setting.

  • Weight: 10.03 avg
  • Caliber: .177
  • BC (estimated): 0.047
  • Tin Count: 500
  • Recommended Use: Hunting/Long Range

Limited supply and price may go up as well as down.

18 + UK Law - You MUST be over 18 years old to purchase - if you purchase you are legally declaring you are over 18 years old.

Full Checkout Terms and Explanation of this can be found HERE


ID Can be provided by a simple photo from a driving license/passport from a smart phone or scan. Its takes seconds

We will not be responsible for refund charges if you purchase and then refuse to send ID if requested.


These are NEW TECHNOLOGY - so so many variables make these awesome ammo  - thus everyone is learning and as such we cannot provide at this time testing data or any further information.

Warning - These will carry further and retain more energy than a standard pellet - always check your backstop and be sure when taking the shot. 


Sub 12 ft Lb shooters, the lighter grain would be more recommended for your rifles, some Sub 12 rifles will shoot them, some will not even get down the barrel.

So if your going to buy them, caution, we are not responsible if you block your barrel or cause  any damage to your rifle.

Ammunition is only returnable if damaged in transit, once opened and used in any way all sales are final.



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