FX Airguns No Limit Scope Mount - Dovetail - 30mm

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FX Airguns No Limit Scope Mount - Dovetail - 30mm

FX have developed and a really nice mount that solves a huge number of problems for all air weapons enthusiasts. You can keep the optical center and tilt the lens easily with only one screw on the bracket. No more problems zeroing your optics.

Vertically adjustable 3,8 mm → 4 m at 100 m shooting distance. Eliminates all problem with limits of crosshair movement for long range shooting. Always lets you use the sweet spot of your scope and fine tune with crosshairs. Easy to use and affordable.

Tube Diameter = 30mm (also available in 1 inch)
Mount System = 9-11mm dovetail

  • Easily Adjustable for Height and Angle
  • Solid Locking Design
  • Adjustable Height 0.170 Inches
  • Adjustable Angle +/- 1.5 Degrees
  • Width 0.785″
  • Weight 4,2 Oz
  • Height 0.915″ – 1.085″ (1 inch)

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