Bottle Target Blanks Holder - GR8Fun

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Bottle Target Blanks Holder - GR8Fun

This is a steel target, designed for Sub 12 FT LB airguns, and it brings a huge smile to the shooter. Load the holes with .22 crimped blanks, and then be super accurate with your shooting, and when you are the bang is the reward. .22 Crimped blanks can be bought by anyone over 18 yrs from your local Gun Store - usually in packs of 100 for under £10 - thats a lot of bang for your buck, much better value than single shot exploding targets.

This target holder ships WITHOUT blanks, you need to purchase them from your local gun store, they should not be purchased through the post - Royal Mail banned item.

3.5mm Metal Plate

5.5mm approx target holes

Some home assembly / couple of bolts required.

When loaded this will go bang, so best used where it won't annoy the neighbours.

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