Airgun Bottle Degasser Kit - Carbon Bottle Valve Remover

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Saber Tactical - Airgun Bottle Degasser Kit - Carbon Bottle Valve Remover

Airgun101 is proud to offer some of the ultimate accessories for FX Airguns.

This kit comes in handy when you have to travel with your airguns. TSA requires that the bottles are empty and may ask you to disassemble it to show that it is empty.

It has a knurled screw that screws into the bottle and releases the air. Once the tank is empty, attach the red bottle clamp onto the bottle and use the custom wrench to slowly unscrew and release any remaining air. The red bottle clamp is lined with silicone pads, it does not mark your bottle.


 Part No - ST0020

Airgun 101 Shop is in no way liable for any damage / harm / injury to any person or item when using this product. - Caution working with high pressure air is always dangerous, work safely and take precautions.

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