Eaglevision - Infinity Mount - Pard NV008s / Sytong Washer Guide

The Pard NV008s mount is supplied with extra washers / spacers which Eaglevision suggest using when mounting the Pard / Sytong NV units to the mount itself.
We are using the Pard to demo how to add the washers / spacers – simply duplicate the process using the smaller washers for the Sytong unit.
The mount is supplied with two washer types. 6 of each -  few extra for spares. 
First Remove the Rear Windage Screw and the Top Screw on the mount
Line up the Holes underneath with the bracket.
BUT make sure the front hole screw on the top of the mount is accessible afterwards and you have not blocked it. Some may prefer to not remove this screw at the start and just rotate the top of the bracket.
Put the washers in place , one per screw and then using the Pard supplied screws tighten down, a little each time, bit by bit. DO NOT crush the bottom of the Scope or the mount, make sure it all lines up and drops into the rail space on the mount.
Make the screw heads tighten enough to make them flush – DO NOT overtighten.
Then go ahead and reverse with the initial 2 screws at the beginning of the process and this puts the rail back together.
Making the screws flush makes a better fitting when putting the rail back together.
If the lens cap catches or does not close, you can loosen the lens cap and rotate it to a better position
Airgun 101 Shop / Silicone Productions Ltd is in no way liable for any damage / harm / injury to either a scope, person or any other item during this install and use. This is a home install item. Airgun 101 Shop / Silicone Productions Ltd does not supply any home install service or aftercare when installing.

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