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We do not ship - 

Airguns, Air Pistols, Components Parts, Silencers / Moderators, Barrels, Liners, Power Kits, Plenums, Dual Flow Parts, Internal Valves, Cylinders - or anything else regarded as a component part.

The link below gives a very clear breakdown of the rules. For example - 

What is a component part of an air weapon?

‘Component parts’ is taken to mean any pressure-bearing part such as the barrel, cylinder or air reservoir/piston and valves from pre-charged pneumatic (PCP)/CO2 air guns.

Screws, stocks, springs, and other parts that are not pressure bearing are not considered to be component parts for the purpose of this Act.


Download this guide from BASC and the Association of the Chief Police Officers.

  Guide to the Violent Crime Reduction Act


Sending Worldwide

The gun law is complex around the world. We understand the law in the UK and countries in Europe. However sending items further afield causes questions and we don't have the answer to them. Thus, we send where we know we can. You may not agree with where we will and will not send products - we ask you to consider how tricky export laws are and please consider purchasing from your home country.


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