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Need to see where you are going in the dark, you will need a torch. Ideal for lamping / hunting / or just general lighting up.

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  • Walther PL80 Pro Torch Walther PL80 Pro Torch belt pouch

    Walther Walther PL80 Pro Torch

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    Walther PL80 Pro Torch The Walther PL80 is powered by four alkaline AAA batteries or rechargeable NiMH batteries ( Batteries Not included). With a length of 134 mm it fits perfectly in your hand. The high-quality Cree chip pumps more than 600 lumens through the 35mm reflector lens. Thanks to the Beam Adjustment System (BAS) the reflector head can be pushed with one hand to produce the type of beam required: from a narrow spotlight for long distances to a large cone for illuminating the immediate surroundings. In design, the PL80 cuts no corners when it comes to quality. The body, made of anodised matte aircraft aluminium, is sturdy but light. The easy-grip nonreflecting surface is splash water protected (IPX4), and the recessed switch allows the flashlight to be set on its end while turned on. All torches in the PL series share these useful features: ~ Multi Battery System. Gives a free choice of power sources between common inexpensive batteries, rechargeable batteries or premium batteries. ~ Fast Focus Change. ~ Three light output settings (100/40/10 percent). ~ Tactical Defense Strobe mode. 20 Hz directly activated from any function. ~ Beam Adjustment System with specially configured reflector lenses. ~ High-quality aircraft aluminium with thick coated, matte "Anti-Reflex" anodization. ~ Function: 1st click 100%, 2nd click 40% and 3rd click 10%. With optional additional purchase of the Filter Set you can change the colour of the beam from Green / Red / Yellow / Blue by adding or removing the filter caps. Light Output: 100% = 650 lm 40% = 260 lm 10% = 65 lm Run Time: 100% = 0:55 h 40% = 2:20 h 10% = 11 h Beam Distance: 100% = 230 m 40% = 145 m 10% = 80 m Chip: Cree XM - L2 Battery Type: 4 x AAA Alkaline Overall Length: 134 mm Net Weight: 161 g Diameter: 30 mm

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  • Sale -£3.50 Walther Colour Filter Set for PL70/80 Torch

    Walther Walther Colour Filter Set for PL70/80 Torch

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    Walther Colour Filter Set for PL70/80 Torch Suitable for models PL70, PL70R, and PL80. Four rugged glass filter discs with a special coating, 1.5mm thick, in four matte-finished polymer collars made of rugged polypropylene. Colour filters can also be used in combination with the white signal cone. Functions: blue for better detection of body fluids (blood, sweat, etc.) red to preserve night vision, yellow for less glare in fog, green for game observation. Torch NOT INCLUDED.

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