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    MTM Gun Maintenance MTM Case Guard Portable Rifle Maintenance Center RMC - 1 - 30

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    PORTABLE RIFLE MAINTENANCE CENTER - RMC-1-30 Ideal for holding your airgun to mount scopes, clean and store all the bits in the handy trays below. We use these all the time and Giles uses this to set all his airguns up. It also travels well in cars and is ideal to take to the range. From the MTM Website -  Designed to be taken to the shooting range for easy cleaning and maintenance of rifles, muzzle loaders and shotguns. Top benchrest shooters clean their barrels every 5 to 7 shots, and that is with a broke in barrel. Most rifle manufacturers recommend you lightly clean your barrel before the first shot. A lot of hunters ruin the potential of their new hunting rifles with the first box of ammo they run through it. Everyone should read about the proper way to break in a new rifle barrel.The Rifle Maintenance Center 1 is a portable convenient all-in-one solution to all your gun cleaning needs. It comes with two forks that ""pop out"" and can be stored in one side of the base, leaving room for cleaning supplies on the other. The forks are over molded with rubber for protection of your firearm and can hold your cleaning rods. It features sliding dust covers to protect your equipment and keep everything clean while using and secure inside. You can also use it to mount scopes, swivels, bedding of actions and more, making it the ultimate gun cleaning kit! Dimensions: 23.3” x 11” x 3.75” with the forks tucked inside.Weight: 3.9 pounds

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