Saber Tactical FX Impact MK2 Double Bottle Adapter

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Saber Tactical FX Impact

MK2 Double Bottle Adapter

This is the MK2 curved or "V" shape double bottle adapter.


This now allows you to add 2 bottles if you are using an extended Picatinny or Arca rail system on your Impact, it also makes the rifle balance better then the original.

This is for the bracket only, you need to have your own bottles. 

NOT compatible with the M3 Impact. This is NOT the M3 version

You will need to remove the bottle connector on the rifle to fit this adapter.

We are not responsible for any damage, harm incurred to you or your rifle when fitting this adapter.

CAUTION - This is a home install product. You are working with high pressure air, so always be safe. We do not offer home fitting. 

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