Rifle Scope Reticle Levelling System OEM

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Rifle Scope Reticle Levelling System 

This professional tool allows for a Scope to become level on any firearm, with ease and style, and is the most effective instrument available for precision Scope alignment.


  • Accuracy - Each level has a Bubble Level for precise measurement and the Reference Level has a magnetic bottom for added stability.
  • Versatility - Adjustable Barrel Clamp Level fits around even the largest diameter barrels.
  • Durable - Precision machined aluminum with an anodized finish.
  • Non-Destructive - Barrel Clamp Level features non-marring pads to ensure no damage is done at the contact points.
  • All this plus CNC machining and factory adjusted calibration set screws come together to put this tool in a league of its own.

In The Box

  • Reticle Levelling System
  • Comes in a plastic case.
  • Allen key

Airgun 101 Shop brings a budget OEM version of the popular levelling system.

No fancy packaging, just pure and simple products.

This demo video, made on the Wheeler System shows how to use the levelling system.

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