Reximex Mito PCP Air Pistol .177 Walnut

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Reximex Mito PCP Air Pistol .177 Walnut


Reximex Mito has a unique design and is available in 2 different calibers which are .177 (4.5mm) and .22 (5.5mm). It has 50 cc light aluminum air tube and has approximately 7 rounds of magazine capacity between 250 bar and 100 bar in one fill.

Regulator is Standard in Mito, so you can get better accuracy and stability each shot.

You can customize your Mito pistol with various available slide color options.

Trigger sensitivity can easily be adjusted in Mito.

Muzzle is threaded and ready for Accessories like REXIMEX Moderators.

Mito comes in a stylish textile case. Case content includes 2 magazines, 1 single shot tray, various Allen keys and accessories, user’s manual and several target papers.

Cocking System: Side Lever (Left) Trigger: Adjustable trigger
Magazine type: 4.5 mm (.177 Cal) : 9 Shots, 5.5 mm (.22 Cal) : 7 Shots Velocity: Sub 6ft Lb UK
Shot Capacity: 7 rounds of magazines (250-100 Bars) - Power dependant  Safety: Manual Safety
Fill Pressure: 250 Bar Air Tube Volume: 50 cc
Barrel Length: 200 mm / 7,9 inch Weight: 1 kg
Overall Length: 600 mm / 23,6 inch Muzzle: ½” UNF ( Adapter included )
Stock: High Quality Turkish Walnut Pressure Gauge: 1 for air pressure
Optics: 11mm

More Features: Regulator, Slide Color Options.


Collection will require photo identification showing that you are over 18 years old. If you will not / cannot supply that we will not sell you the airgun.

AT this time we DO NOT ship to other RFD's or deliver to home. We prefer to see you face to face when selling an airgun at this time. 
We DO NOT retail this item outside of the store in the UK.
If you attempt to circumnavigate the in store collection policy we will refuse your custom.
If you purchase and REFUSE to collect from store, we will deduct any merchant charges that have been applied to us.
We do not currently accept part exchanges.

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