FX Impact High Capacity Magazine .22 5.5mm Eaglevision 28 Shot

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FX Impact High Capacity Magazine .22 5.5mm Eaglevision 28 Shot

This is a high capacity magazine, designed for the FX Impact platform. 

It is made from aluminium and cut by CNC machine. 

Super high quality magazine for the FX Impact Platform.

NOTE - This is the equivalent Side Shot magazine, so your Impact must accept the high capacity magazine. 

  • Magnetic cover  
  • Higher capacity
  • Easy load 
  • Secure pellet retention 
  • Very smooth rotation
  • Numbered shot count
  • 22 (5.5mm) – 28 shots

Maximum Pellet & slugs length

11.5mm flat head

12mm dome head

If you are using a modified brass inlet port or the barrel housing is not factory original this may not fit. These are designed to work with the standard FX factory barrel system and brass transfer port. We do not accept returns if the magazine is damaged or scratched due to a non factory transfer port being used. 

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