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FX Impact Grip / AR15 - Laminate - Black 

 ( Beaver Tail ) RH

Form Rifle stocks are known for high quality wood work and some of the best laminate forms for rifles in the world.

They bring the FX Impact Laminate grip to the Airgun World, super high quality with a finish second to none.

Swap your existing FX Impact Grip - or any airgun or rifle that will accept a Beaver Tail AR 15 style grip.

Simple and easy to swap, with just one Alan screw to make the change.

Remove the existing grip using a 5mm Alan tool, and then simply replace with the new Form Grip, tighten the screw until secure, as with regular grips you do not need to over tighten or crush the grip.

Weight Approx 3.8 oz

Height Minus Beaver Tail 10" approx

Height With Beaver Tail 12" approx

Colours and graining will vary from the photographs, its laminate 

Right Handed 

Please note - if you have a Saber Tactical Bag Rider installed this will not fit.

Airgun 101 is NOT responsible for any changes you make to your rifle or airgun. This is a home install piece of kit and will require you to remove the existing grip to fit this one. We are not responsible for any harm, damage or injury which occurs from fitting this item. Any item failure causing damage to any person, item or belonging is not the responsibility of Airgun 101 Shop or its parent company. 

We do not ship this product outside of England, Scotland, Wales - due to customs restrictions - we can try, but if it gets stopped its your loss.

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