DonnyFL KOI Size 22 Silencer - .177 Calibre 1/2X20UNF


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DonnyFL KOI Size 22 Silencer - .177 CALIBRE 1/2X20UNF


With a new rugged front cap design, signature DonnyFL body grooves and bolt endcap, the KOI is a great addition to any shrouded or un-shrouded air rifle. This model has the smallest outer diameter compared to the other DonnyFL models but dont let the size fool you. With the added vent holes around the front, it is as impressive as the others.

  • Mono-core design
  • Precision CNCed by professional machinist
  • Sand blasted and anodized for maximum durability
  • Swappable rear end caps for 1/2 x 20 Bolt, FX (M20x1) Bolt or 1/2 x 20 Cone ( this one is 1/2 UNF ) 
  • Comes pre-wrapped in felt
  • Machined grooves on the outside for easy handling
  • 4.7 OZ and 17.5cm long approx OD 3.1cm - end cap opening 6.7mm

The sizing can be confusing for the correct calibre. Donny recommends always using a calibre bigger in size than the one you need. - Example

.177 Calibre has an aperture of .22 thus sized as 22

.22 Calibre has an aperture of the .25 thus sized as 25

Always allow a small amount of movement from the pellet / slug. This is why Donny recommends a larger opening than the calibre you are shooting. This will avoid clipping.

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