DonnyFL Fat Boy .177-.30 Silencer 1/2x20Unf

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DonnyFL Fat Boy .177-.30 Silencer 1/2x20Unf


The long awaited Fat Boy Silencer is here! This new Airgun Moderator is compatible with .177 to .30 caliber rifles, with 3 interchangeable air strippers. The 1/2 x 20 rear cap has been redesigned with easy grip in mind. The Fat Boy can be used alongside the DonnyFL 6.25 Inch Extender for additional hush power. Measuring 4.25 inches long and 2 inches in diameter with a weight of around 190g the moderator is sure to perform well and be lightweight.

This DOES NOT include the muzzle break.

We DO NOT retail this item outside of the store in the UK.
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