B GRADE - JSB Hades .177 Pellets 10.34g 4.5mm / 500 per Tin - 5 Pack


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JSB Hades .177 Pellets 10.34g 4.5mm / 500 per Tin - 5 Pack

Damage Info:
The tins have been been dented. Will need to force lids to open, this one is on the buyer - unchecked. - No Warranty with these - sold as damaged.

JSB has a long tradition of being one of the best pellets for accuracy, and now they bring the Hades, which is a pellet designed specifically for hunting. Ideal for Sub 12 or FAC shooters, this pellet has a special fragmented head that expands on impact and is designed to import more shock into the target you are shooting at.

Becoming a firm favourite with pest controllers due to the accuracy and expansion from the pellets new design.

** FAC Shooters will see more expansion due to higher power.

  • .177 Calibre
  • 500 Per Tin
  • Head Size 4.5

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