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MKII - FX Radar Chronograph - Airgun / CO2 / Bow / Airsoft

Brand: FX Airguns
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FX Chronograph MK2 - Barrel Bracket Included, with Tripod Plate



The FX Chronograph uses Doppler technology to record each shot. This is a revolutionary way to track your airgun / airsoft / CO2 or Bow projectile.

You do require a Smart Phone, which is up to date in the last few years to run the app that connects to the unit. 

Simply strap the unit to the end of the barrel, open the app and start recording the speed of your shots.

The app records speed, custom profiles, calibres and gives mutliple readouts depending on what you require. Store and save your data, or export it to use in other programs.

The App can call out the numbers as you shoot, so no need to take your eye off your target.

No external light sources are required, night or day. It's not rated water proof. 



Weight approx 5OZ - Allow for that POI shift if shooting long range.

Connects Via Bluetooth to the smart device

IOS and Android - Works on some tablets

FX Radar App found in Play Store or App Store

Speed Range 0 to 1300 fps Approx

Uses 3 AAA Batteries, supplied

Tripod Mount Plate and Barrel Bracket supplied in the box. ( No tripod supplied ) 

FX Videos On YouTube

First Time Setup 

5 Step Quick Guide for Setup 

Placing the Chronograph when Shooting & Exporting the Shot String from the App 

How to use your Chronograph & FX Radar App 

Airgun Gear Show Video's - Version 1 and 2

FX Chronograph MK2 - Update

FX Chronograph - Launch Video

MK2 Version includes fitted barrel bracket ( Mount )

Rifle, Silencer Tripod and Anything other than Listed is not included.

12 Month Warranty
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