European Shipping - What's going on?

OK, lets try and cover this one simply even though it's not. Basically from Jan 1st 2021 the UK left the European Union. While everything was touted as normal when it comes to customers still buying too and from the UK to the EU it is clear it is now not.

Our basic understanding is, if you buy anything from the EU, that's now outside of England, Scotland and Wales when it arrives at your door you will be charged duty. Now, dont' hold us to this but, upto £130 anything coming in will be due a charge of VAT at 20%. Over £130 then VAT and more charges can be added on. Couriers and delivery companies are also charging for items to be cleared through customs.


You see a scope for sale on a European Website, they are probably going to be showing the price MINUS the VAT, so it looks like a bargain....until it arrives. Then you find out its cost more than buying in the UK.

This works going the other way as well. So, buy from the UK - your local Government may impose charges on import.

So is it free trade, NO, and Yes, some say depending on where and how the product was made reductions are possible and no their is no appeals process at your door. 

So....thats it...its not really free trade anymore, and for us Brits, watch out, that bargain from the EU is not...add on 20% at the door and more...